Very good book on Fiqh: Al-Wajeez (Book of Purification)

Title: Al-Wajeez fee Fiqhis-Sunnah wal-Kitaabil-‘Azeez (Book of Purification)
Author: ‘Abdul-‘Azeem ibn Badawee al-Khalafee
Source: Translated by Abu Talhah Dawood Burbank

The following link contains a very good book on Fiqh, in relation to Taharah (Purification):
Al-Wajeez, Book of Purification.pdf

Here’s a look at the contents at the beneficial lessons contained within the PDF:

This translation of the book contains lots of Arabic terms with their basic meanings. Also, unlike other Fiqh books, this one does not rely on Rai’ (opinion) and/or weak ahadith, rather it relies on authentic ahadith, alhamdulillah.

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