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Facebook Criticisms – Privacy Concerns and Psychological Effects from Facebook Usage

Psychological effects Envy Facebook has been criticized for making people envious and unhappy due to the constant exposure to positive yet unrepresentative highlights of their peers. Such highlights include, but are not limited to, wall posts, videos, and photos that … Continue reading

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Interesting Findings and Conclusions from Past Studies and Investigations into Facebook

Here are some interesting articles concerning studies and investigations into the use of Facebook and the negative impact and traits it can have on a person (Allahu Musta’aan) like: a) being more jealous and envious of others, b) being more … Continue reading

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Facebook or Fakebook?

Thought for the day. Interesting article: Facebook has more than 83 million illegitimate accounts:

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For Non-Muslims

A Call to non-Muslims to Look beyond the Hype and Propaganda, and Discover the Monotheistic Religion that is Islam This page has been created to hopefully dispel some misconceptions and myths surrounding Islam. Indeed, Islam is a religion, not an … Continue reading

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Sahih Muslim – Chapter: It Is Prohibited To Praise Anyone So Much That There May Be Fear Of His Being Intoxicated Because Of That

The following ahadith warn against praising too much and showering undue praise upon someone which unfortunately occurs all too often on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, which are a trial for some who are duped into seeking praise, … Continue reading

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