This page contains quizzes to test your knowledge. Please take the tests which are quite short and encourage friends and families to take part too!

Instructions on how to start the quizzes: The quizzes were hosted on Dropbox but it looks like they dropped support for HTML content sometime in 2017, which means that the links that were previously provided for each quiz don’t work in that the quiz doesn’t start up. So as a workaround, a link to the folder containing all the quiz files has been provided. Follow these steps:

1. Click one of the links for the quiz you want to have a go at.
2. Click the download button on the top-right.
3. Extract the downloaded zip file to a folder.
4. In the folder, double-click story.html for the flash version or story_html5.html for the non-flash version (HTML5) and the quiz should now start up. Open with Google Chrome as this seems to work best.


Al-Asma Was-Sifaat






Please do not upload or share the files/folders using software/tools like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. Permission is not granted to do so. Take the quizzes on the device they were downloaded from.

20 Responses to Quizzes

  1. samsudin says:

    jazakAllaah khairan…

  2. Mumtaz Ali says:

    Akhi, can you pls tell us about yourself, as I have been checking with quite many brother in Riyadh as well as in Jeddah & Madina, and no one seems to know you. Pls let us know your identity!

  3. Abu Hisham says:

    Masha Allah ..I enjoyed answering the Quiz ..Jazak Allah khair

  4. Abdul says:

    Assalamu aleikum,
    Nice work mashaAllah.
    Pls ammend the answer of the question about the number of places of prostration in the Quran, the correct answer written is x places, BUT i believe is x places; one with different of opinions among scholars.
    JazakaAllah khayr

    Note:we’ve replaced the actual numbers mentioned in the comment with x in order not to give away the correct answer for those who haven’t yet taken the Qur’aan quiz.

    • islamtees says:

      Wa alaikum salaam. According to the List of Prostration Places in the Qur’an in the book, Noble Qur’aan – Transliteration in Roman Script with Arabic Text and English Translation, by Dr. Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilali and Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan, Darussalam, August 2002, there occurs:

      In all, x places of prostration are agreed upon by all Muslim religious scholars abd ‘Ulama’, while Imam Shafi’i suggests prostration at this place (V.22:77) also.

      Please refer to this for the answer if you’re not sure the provided answer was correct.

  5. Abdul says:

    Assalaamu aleikum,
    Pls recheck the answer of question number 9.
    Is it the correct answer?

  6. Hafsa says:

    Jazakumullahu khairun this is a very useful way to test your knowledge and the little you know ..
    Wow very enjoyable and fun! May Allah reward you immensely

  7. AmaturRahmaan says:

    Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullaah.

    I think the admin should have another look at the answer of Q7(regarding how many wings Jibriil, ‘alaihi assalaam, have) of the aqeedah quiz. I believe the answer recorded is wrong?

    Other than that baarakAllaahu feekum for the really beneficial quizzes. May Allaah reward you with good.

    • islamtees says:

      wa alaikum salaam.

      Thanks for pointing this out. It looks as though you’re right. Unfortunately, we may not be able to update the quiz any time soon as the software used to create it is no longer available to us.

      Jaza Kalla Khair for spotting this it’s good to know that you enjoyed the quizzes. Spread the word about the quizzes to your friends and family.

  8. Tariq says:

    جمیل جدا ماشاء اللہ

  9. Abdullaah says:

    Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullaah I love doing the quizzes but for some how I can’t do the Aqeedah quiz.How do you do the Aqeedah quiz?

  10. Abdullaah says:

    Assaalamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatu.This time i’ve done it.Alhamdulilaah i’ve done it! I did not know I can do it but this time iv’e done it.Thank you for the islam quizzes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. mohammed Abdulrab Qureshi says:

    The above links are not working.. please share these quizzes with me
    BarakAllahu feek

  12. islamtees says:

    NOTE: Instructions have been updated. Please follow as stated.

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