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Interesting Fact: The founder of Ikhwaan-ul-Muslimeen (Muslim Brotherhood) was a Sufi

As for the Da’wah of Ikhwaan-ul-Muslimeen, we must ask: Did its founder or any of his followers, up to this day, write even one book on Tawheed in which they clarified the Correct Creed? Did Hasan Al-Bannaa call to the … Continue reading

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Advice: Stick to the Jamaa’ah – You Can’t Do it Alone!!

The following link contains a khutbah given by Abu Uways (rahimahullaah) on ‘Eedul-Fitr (1424H/2003). Both the 10 minute audio and its transcription are provided. http://www.troid.ca/index.php/manhaj/holding-on-to-the-sunnah/the-saved-sect/1425-stick-to-the-jamaa-ah-you-can-t-do-it-alone A short excerpt of the khutbah is provided below: I’ll make this, insha’Allaah ta’ala, short … Continue reading

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