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The Path to Guidance (Ibn Qayyim): The Methodology of a Muslim

Note: “deceiving, surmising, cheating, lying, beautifiers of speech” is the saying of Aboo Haatim ar-Raazee (d. 264H) as quoted by al-Laalikaa’ee in Sharh Usoolul-I’tiqaad Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamaa’ah (2/176-182).

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Alhuda Bolton Conference 2013 – “And Verily This is My Straight Path so Follow It” (6:153)

DOWNLOAD THE FIVE TALKS FOR FREE HERE: http://www.learnaboutislam.co.uk/2013/11/24/alhuda-bolton-conference-2013/. We’re looking forward to attending this event and call on others to visit Bolton and attend the 1 day event of seeking knowledge. Watch the trailer and view the conference timetable here: … Continue reading

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